Our Work

United Council works on more targeted campaigns to advance student rights in Wisconsin, these campaigns range far and wide on the issues that effect college students today. All of our campaigns are decided on by our Board of Directors.



The list of all the campaigns United Council is currently running can be found here.



Prevention, Education, and Support. In the event of a sexual assault, the victim’s impact doesn’t just end at the scene. Unfortunately there are numerous physical and psychological repercussions. No one should have to encounter a confusing and biased process to seek justice at the university. Students have not been educated of what sexual assault is, how to prevent it, whom to report it to, or even what resources exist. Learn more…



Students and alumni across the country have accumulated over $1 trillion of debt from student loan debt. The student loan debt crisis has escalated in recent years, with the total student loan debt doubling between 2007 and 2012.  As a statewide student association we need play a vital role in fixing this problem. Additionally, the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965 will being coming on the horizon, this act covers a majority of the federal for student aid such as in Pell Grants and other financial aid.

The solutions to student debt in Wisconsin comes in three pieces: educating students on how student loans work, identify policies to make and maintain fair and understandable loans, and finally working towards consumer protection standards that are similar to other loan industries. The first component would be to educate students, the public, and decision makers on how student loans work today, as well as the size of the loans that are seen today versus student debt of the 1970′s and 80′s. We want decision-makers to become aware of just how important this is to the success of students and our state’s economic future. How to learn more…

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Knowing that you are not alone in the struggle to, not only graduate, but to make the UW Schools a better place is important. This is a space where similar UW campuses come together to discuss and solve common problems. There are three groups, the UW Colleges Caucus, of all the two year campuses, the Research Caucus of UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee, and the Comprehensive Caucus of all the four year institutions.

 Board of Directors

United Council is led by a Board of Directors. Board members direct the organization and decide the priorities that United Council works on. Board members and officers are elected at the Spring Convention each year